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PSY “GANGNAM STYLE” an artist from   South Korea.

I heard this song in the original Korean language on Amp 103 in Boston.  I don’t think that has happened since the “Macarena” song in Spanish. Gangnam is the wealthiest section of Seoul, Korea.  Psy is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He just got his first American record deal with Justin Beiber’s manager with this video.

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Tokyo Rose?

Photographs of Iva Toguri, consisting of two “mug shots” taken at Sugamo Prison on March 7, 1946.

Captions on the reverse of both photographs state:

“Captain Denton took me to Iva Toguri’s house and made her wear the light tan coat and had her put on her rimless glasses. I recognized her as the same girl who broadcast on the Zero Hour program. (Signed) Emi Matsuda.”

An American citizen trapped in Japan at the start of World War II, Toguri was convicted for treason for her role in the “Tokyo Rose” propaganda broadcasts but ultimately received a presidential pardon.

Read more about Iva Toguri’s tragic story in “The orphan called Tokyo Rose” from Prologue »

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