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I watched “Life on the V, The story of V66” #documentary at the @IFFBoston April 27, 2014 @svilletheatre. #John Garabedian and #Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg started the 24-hour music video network in Boston that went on the air in February 1985 and closed down September 1986.  #WVJV was sold to @HSN in 1986.  John went back to his radio roots and started @OpenHouseParty in 1987 to the present.

I stayed for the #QuestionAndAnswer after the screening.  The #filmmaker Eric Green was working @fusetv in 2007 when he thought of doing a @v66documentary about how music video stations were run in the 1980s.  John Garabedian schooled us on the difference between #radio and #television in terms of #music.  Great #story, great movie. 

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I took these pictures April 3rd and 4th.  As of the 4th, the initial finding is that the March 26, 2014 fire are 298 Beacon Street was an accident.  Seeing the front of the building up close, I think it might be professional arson.  The welding work was for 296 Beacon but 298 Beacon has the bulk of the damage!?  Ongoing investigation.

The fire house that responded and lost 2 of their members lives, is right at Boylston Street and Hereford where runners make the last turn to the finish line of the Boston Marathon in front of the Boston Public Library.  Less than a year removed from the Patriot’s Day bombing last year and now this.  Hynes Convention Center is diagonal across the street from the Engine 33 and Ladder 15.

The link to the press conference video shows the back of 296 Beacon the shorter building and 298 Beacon.  298 Beacon is completed gutted by the fire.

Boston Fire Commissioner 4-4-2014

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