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This Week in Universal News: Pierre Cardin’s Winter Fashion Preview, 1967:

FASHIONS Pierre Cardin shows his winter fashions at Versailles. Coats are of thick, woven wool; evening dresses show a lot of sequins; and there’s even a space-age cocktail dress!

Universal Newsreel Volume 40, Release 73, 09/08/1967

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#AssemblyRow #SomervilleMassachusetts is open.  I finally went to visit this week.  It is anchored by two #apartment buildings #Avalon and AVA and tons of retail.  There is an #AMCAssemblyRow movie theater and #Legoland.  Legoland does not allow adults without children, so I will have to go on adult night.  A new #MBTA #OrangeLine #subway station called #Assembly will be opening probably January 2015. #PartnersHealthCare will be the anchor office development All of this is in the #AssemblySquareRedevelopmentDistrict.

Assembly Row is what happened to all this land that was originally going to be #IKEA.  It is across the street from the original Assembly Square redevelopment project Assembly Marketplace formerly Assembly Square Mall and Loews movie theatre.  

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Let #ArthurTDemoulas buy #MarketBasket!!!!!!!!!

I grew up shopping at Market Basket’s #SomervilleMassachusetts store and I still shop there as an adult.  I went on August 2, 2014 to check it out.  Wow.  The short story is after the $300,000,000 cash out to Market Basket share holders including Arthur T. last year, the rest of the board got greedy. 

Massachusetts has a lot of overpriced #supermarkets expanding in greater Boston and it seems #ArthurSDemoulas wants to cash out and not offer us an affordable food option.  #JohnniesFoodmaster went out of business in 2012 as the next to last family owned #grocery chain in greater Boston.

These #NonUnion #workers are giving #Unions a run for their money.  No #uniondues and they are more #organized than most unions.  This protest that started July 2014 is from years of internal organizing right under the board of directors nose.  Arthur T. Demoulas cares about people having jobs, affordable food and of course a debt free business.  It is not a cult to support this man.

Roche Brothers, Wegmans, Hannafords, Star/Shaws, Stop and Shop, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods are all overpriced.

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